The CVCE, a Luxembourg institution at the heart of Europe

The CVCE is an interdisciplinary research and documentation centre dedicated to the European integration process. Its mission is to create, disseminate and share knowledge in an innovative digital environment.

Its main area of activity is European Integration Studies (EIS), namely, research into the European integration process from the pioneering projects of the 20th century to the most recent developments, from a historical, political, legal and socio-economic viewpoint. European organisations, States and the European integration process, key figures and ideas, values and identities are the subjects on which the CVCE’s research is focused.

In connection with its research projects, the Centre’s work is primarily based on searching for sources — published and unpublished material — which are then selected and analysed to compile multimedia and multilingual digital collections. Original material produced by the CVCE, including articles, tables, bibliographies, oral accounts and maps, is used to supplement the corpora presented. A significant part of this work is published in the ENA digital library (

ENA is a showcase for the CVCE’s research and innovation work, providing access to research files, oral memory archives, previously unpublished documents, contemporary film footage, analytical material and scholarly articles on the European integration process with its challenges, vagaries and successes.

The publication of these resources in a digital knowledge environment helps make the results of the Centre’s research available to as wide an audience as possible: in 2009, 2.8 million users visited the digital library and over a million documents were consulted each month.

The CVCE is a Luxembourg public undertaking based at the Château de Sanem. Thanks to the Centre’s activities, Luxembourg, a small country at the centre of Europe, is continuing its tradition of openness and commitment to Europe by reconstructing the continent’s memory and making it as widely available as possible through the use of new technologies.

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