Registration for the BootCamp and THATCamp Florence were possible until the 15th of March 2011 and are now closed.

Officially registered participants will have access to a free WI-FI network connection during THATCamp Florence. Technical and legal procedures will have to be followed when meeting at the Registration Point the 23rd of March. A form and a copyrights license will have to be signed in order to access the EUI network.

EUI Technical Procedure to access the Wi-Fi will have to be followed strictly.

Registration for EUI Members only

European University Institute members which registered to BootCamp and THATCamp Florence by contacting Maria Caterina Cunsolo, THATCamp Officer, at: [] which have questions should now contact Serge Noiret, EUI Library, at: [].

Support Fellowships (closed registrations):

The Center for History and New Media, George Mason University offered five fellowships to attend the Florence BootCamp. The deadline was the 4th of March 2011. The winners were:

  1. Timothy Nunan (Mellon)
  2. Wilko Graf von Hardenberg (Mellon)
  3. Inna Kizhner (Kress)
  4. Valentina Berardini (Mellon)
  5. Katerina Kouriati (Mellon)
  6. Camila Guimarães Dantas (A friend of THATCamp)

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