The Institute of Information Science and Technologies

The Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) is an institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), located in Pisa. It is committed to producing scientific excellence and to playing an active role in technology transfer. The domain of competence covers Information Science, related technologies and a wide range of applications. ISTI is actively involved in collaborations with the academic world and in cooperative research and development programs, both national and international. It also pays great attention to involving doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows in research activities. It has about 250 full time equivalent persons dedicated to research and development, and about 55 persons for technical and administrative support.

NeMIS is a Research Laboratory of ISTI-CNR, consisting of about 45 researchers and associate researchers. The main objective of the laboratory is the research and development of technologies for the management, distribution and fruition of multimedia information, i.e., information represented not only in textual form but also in other forms, like images, audio/video, etc..

NeMIS is involved in a number of national and international projects, aimed at developing algorithms, techniques and methods for information modelling, access and handling, as well as new architectures and system services supporting large networked multimedia information systems, such as digital libraries and archives. These systems will impact on applications areas such as Cultural heritage, publishing, broadcasting/interactive TV, e-learning, e-government, medicine, etc.

The main research areas are: next-generation digital libraries; multimedia content access, enhancement and management; advanced information retrieval. Within ISTI, NeMIS is part of the more general research area of Knowledge Sciences and Technologies, which includes also the laboratory for Human Interfaces in Information Systems, and the laboratory for Knowledge Discovery and Delivery.

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