The History & Civilisation Department, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

The European University Institute (EUI) was set up in 1972 by the six founding Member States of the European Communities to provide advanced academic training to doctoral researchers and to promote research at the highest level. It opened its doors to the first researchers in 1976. It carries out research in a European perspective in Economics, Law, History and Civilization, and the Political and Social Sciences. Its full-time teaching staff, fellows and researchers are recruited from all over Europe and beyond.

The EUI welcomes researchers who wish to study for the Institute’s doctorate (Ph.D. four years), or for the one-year Masters programme (LL.M.) in Law. The EUI offers fellowships for postdoctoral applicants (Jean Monnet and Max Weber fellowships) as well as for distinguished scholars (Fernand Braudel fellowships). As a host institution, the EUI welcomes Marie Curie Fellows and European Research Council grantees.

At the EUI, the Department of History and Civilization (HEC) develops a distinctive programme of the transnational and comparative history of Europe, one that is conscious of the dangers of national models, of the need to study the construction of the boundaries of Europe and to insist on the variety of experiences within these boundaries. The rich variety of research approaches and themes, as well as the wide backgrounds of its professors, enable the Department to accept only high-quality applications from all over Europe. This diversity allows the Department to offer all its members an opportunity to take part in a truly international scientific community, unmatched by any other institution of higher learning in the world. Our central concerns are the interlinking among societies in Europe from the early modern period until the present and the complex cultural legacies that have shaped Europe today. The HEC community is also committed to exploring the place of Europe in worldwide processes and institutions.

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